Safety is Never Promised

Today I spend part of my Sunday at a martial arts studio in Little Canada.  After being followed while I was on a run, I decided it was time for me to educate myself about what I can do to keep myself safe.  I didn’t realize how often I can really be in danger.  I do private party bartending on the side, and when alcohol is involved, it amplifies situations and often times I had to get security involved.  What would have happened if security wasn’t there to save me?  What about when I am taking my puppy outside early in the morning before I work out?  What about when I am walking to my car.  ANY of those scenarios can be considered dangerous.

Something that struck me during the class today was how they started it out.  The instructors advised that attackers are closer than you think.  Often, they are someone you know.  What can you do if you’re in danger?  Here’s a few key points I learned:

  1. Always carry mace, and one that holds enough mace (3-5oz is recommended)
  2. Scream for help
  3. Go with your gut, if something is suspicious, have your guard up
  4. Don’t worry about being polite in a threatening situation

I learned several different techniques, but one that I really enjoyed was their wrist break technique.  Using leverage, you can break someone’s grab on your wrist/forearm.  They broke down the move in this manner:

  1. Position your arm so your thumb is in line with the opening of the attacker’s hand (weakest part of your grip)
  2. Swiftly move around the attacker, so you come shoulder to shoulder
  3. Leverage your other hand to push away from the grip.

Here’s a video of me with my great friend Dayna demonstrating the move:

Now I’d like to share a little more about how I was followed.  I never really thought much of being on a run and listening to music.  I am just jamming out and getting some cardio in! WRONG. That was so irresponsible of me and I am embarrassed to say I thought nothing of it at the time.  When I was finished with my run, I ran to my condo’s building and went inside to my condo.  Less than 30 seconds later of me entering my condo, I had a neighbor knock on my door.  He told me he wanted me to be aware of a car that had followed me into the parking lot.  He told me the perpetrator watched me walk up the stairs and into the building, and once I got in, he left.  I justified the situation at first saying it could have been happenstance.  However, it got me thinking, if it was enough for my neighbor to warn me, it was a serious situation.  Your safety is never promised and I highly advise educating yourself.

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, Warrior’s Cove offers free Women’s Self Defense courses once a month.   I am very fortunate and grateful I took this course and plan on educating myself more about safety and self defense.

Thank you for reading, and please reach out if you are interested and want to learn more about what I learned in the course.

Love & Light,


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