Trauma Bonds – Poem

I’m sad it looks so easy for you

You walked by as I stood there in awe

You were there to enjoy

I couldn’t believe what I saw

It’s so easy for you to be over me

While I have too much pain to be

Flashback after flashback of traumatic abuse

Only for me to think what was the use?

I just wanted to be the perfect wife

In all reality, there was only strife

You walk on, as I am shook

Realizing I am still hooked

Trauma has this unfailing bond

Sometimes I wish I was gone

I walk on, day by day

Praying that life will soon help me sway

One step, one breath, one moment

Slowly unraveling the chains of descent

I pray for the day that I will rise

Blossoming from the quicksand

Slowly becoming wise

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