Chest and Tricep Strength Workout

Day 2 whole30 for me already! My first day back to work in quite some time too. Yesterday I completed a chest and triceps workout, and man I am super sore! I did several pairs of exercises, feel free to comment or reach out for more information on a movement. I didn’t record much except for my finisher, which was Med Ball Slams.


First super set:

  • DB Chest Press x10
  • Tricep Dip x10
  • DB Chest Press, lateral to neutral grip x10
  • Tricep Dip x10
  • S/A Chest Press (Piston-like) x10

Second Super Set

  • Machine Chest Press x10, 3 sets

Alternate with:

  • Cable Tricep Extension x3, 3 sets

Third Super Set:

  • Plyo Incline Push up on box x10, 3sets

Alternate with:

  • Tricep dip on box x10, 3 sets

Fourth Super Set:

  • Med Ball Push Up (these we’re so hard for me!) x5-8, 3 sets

Alternate with:

  • Tricep Skull Crusher (heavy weight!) x5-8, 3 sets


  • Med Ball Slams (video above) x10, 3 sets

I’ll likely take tonight off from working out since it is day 2 of Whole30 and my body will be reacting from the lack of sugar it typically receives and my energy level will be low.


TGIM = Thank God it’s Monday. I love starting out a week with a nice heavy leg day at the gym. Today is interesting, as we start a week, but end a year.

I’m very excited for this year to come, I know 2019 will bring so much positivity, challenge, and strength in so many ways.

I met with a competition coach this morning and we vibed so well. I’m so excited to start this journey!

Below are a few videos from my workout this morning.